Una mela per tu

[Italian Translation: an apple for you]

In case you are wondering what is up with the random Italian: I am trying to learn…and when I can afford lessons I will take them! All the prep I can get for when I finally step foot onto a Venetian water taxi..

Anyway, I am now food poisoning free (though the thought of fruit salad still churns my stomach a little) and will be working hard on more drawings! That…and packing for moving – to Wellington!

I am quite happy now that I have discovered some complementary visual motifs between the work by myself and Rosanne (my co-exhibitor, an amazing landscape painter and one of my bestest friends. Poot). Hard to believe the exhibition is in 5 weeks, it’s going to be stupendously busy…but I have for you a completed (yet unframed and untitled) picture!

If anyone has feedback I’d be really glad to hear it (particularly constructive critique) so don’t be shy 🙂

This piece was fun to do. Hope you enjoy!


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