Wind and Colour

Doesn’t it make you happy?

(Cafe Melba, Takapuna, Auckland)

Yes it was also delicious. Alas that is miles away now. Yes, the relocation is complete and I am settled in this comfortably spacey studio, on the second storey of a townhouse, on (an uncharacteristically un-windy) sunny day, in Wellington!

Not much artwork to show for the last two weeks. But I did start another painting! I felt lost without colour all those weeks. So I am making saturated addition to the Mindscapes exhibition. Will have a preview soon.

Mindscapes countdown: less than 4 weeks to go!

I have spent a few hours wandering around Wellington the last few days. Love it. I have puffed up the courage to ask around three funky looking cafes which currently display artwork, and they all seem really cool about it. No commission fee! So fingers crossed, I will have a little solo show in one of them soon!

Also for anyone in Wellington: Art for Art’s Sake is a brilliant shop for framing. I am proud to have found it in my first days here!

Right. Next posts will be more pictures and less blab. And more fantastic yet simple stuff like this (thanks Graeme), which I am looking to try out after the exhibition.

Before I head out for more exploring: happy birthday to my dear baby brother! 😀


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