Mr. Incredible(s)

The last few days have been a bit confusing for me. I tried so hard and still remained stuck on the same loop of ideas. It’s terribly frustrating.

I finally sat down and wrote out everything. Then immediately I had a composition I had to quickly doodle before it disappeared. Success!
So the moral is, if it’s not working, stop trying and do something else! After all, the apparent definition of insanity  is doing something over and over again, yet still expecting different results. Let us not be insane.

Speaking of insane, these two powerhouses of painting are my current heroes.

Martin Wittfooth is a Finnish artist, whose paintings I would totally hang on my wall. If I had a spare $40000 lying around…
I absolutely adore the finesse and atmosphere of his work, qualities that echo comic books and apocalyptic science-fiction concept drawings, grandiose history paintings, and the still-life masters of the Dutch Golden Age – at the same time.

Chris Beren is a Dutch artist who remains surprisingly candid despite his overwhelming success. He is a-MA-zing.

I know the pictures look like digital whatevers but they are truly not. They are 100% hand made. (See a studio visit here).
I shall say no more except that he has utterly and completely mastered his unique method and style. And he has the patience of a saint.

Keep scrolling down for his pictures, they are well worth the finger exercise. Am keen to know if you wish to rave about them too!

[As with all the pictures I post, the title is the file name so if you hover you should see… at least that’s my slightly lazy wish!]


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