The process

Right, well obviously I neglected to live up to my word with uploading that self-portrait the following day.

To make up for that I have a whole lot of pictures this time!

First there’s the self portrait, which in retrospect no longer seems as satisfactory, but hey it was under a time restriction!

I’ve decided to post these work-in-progress shots for Blush (a.k.a Persephone). As you can see, the painting is layered, from washes of oil paint thinned with turps, gradually building up to ‘fatter’ layers of strong colour. Sometimes I think that oil painting might not be the best medium for me, as I’ve discovered that I work best when it’s spur of the moment, when things are still fresh. But I love the feel and the versatility of oils…I am just too impatient sometimes, to get everything from my head onto the canvas before the inspiration evaporates!

I think this painting is relatively un-elusive, so I’ll leave it as is, at least for now.

Right now I am working on two ‘white’ pictures for a small exhibition at Baobab cafe in November. I will have to put them on hold for a week (heading north tomorrow to Auckland/Hamilton for a week, and for Mindscapes!) but am eager to show you the progress, so I’ll keep you posted on that too.

Enjoy 🙂


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