Bella giornata

What a beautiful day.

Yesterday with the wonderful assistance of Mr HY I put up my work at Baobab! I do have photos of the installation (with gratitude to HY again!) so I will post them as soon as I have access 🙂

Went to Baobab for coffee and lunch. They are amazing. So chillaxed and lovely, and the food is super fresh and tasty. Am sad I did not try it sooner. They told me that there’s already been lots of good feedback about the work this morning, which is great. Fingers crossed for someone to like one enough to want to own it!

Birds are chirping outside and the sun is radiant. Andrew and I wandered into Book Haven after lunch and I picked up a Rembrandt book. Joy.

So here’s the 3 large works I put up at the cafe. Altogether there’s 6 new works and 2 from Mindscapes. Will share details and the smaller works next time! 

Leda (2010), Oil on Canvas
Faith (2010), Oil on Canvas
Cassandra (2010), Silverpoint and mixed media on Canvas


Now that I have put up work for Baobab cafe I will have to focus on more financially beneficial work for a while! But I will try to keep posting sketches and other doodles.

 I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of the last month of Spring!


2 thoughts on “Bella giornata

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I really like these new work, great job. You are making fatastic progress this past year,we are very proud of you.

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