Chalk drawing take 2

Apologies apologies – another period of blog neglect!

So the Ocean: Views launch never took place last week due to dodgy weather – it’s tomorrow instead!

I’ll be working with another artist called Duncan, and we will be putting our best efforts forward for a pavement composition involving penguins, a message in a bottle, cracks in the ice and lots of water – among other cool oceanic things!

So anyone around Wellington tomorrow, please come by the beautiful waterfront by Te Papa and support WWF, come have a squiz!

Look out for photos to come for sure. I am also very excited about my progression in the slightly larger pencil pieces I’m doing. Thank you to a re-inspiration I have received from the art of wonderful Audrey Kawasaki and Stella Im Hultberg

I am working on releasing prints soon. More info coming!

Audrey Kawasaki, 'Okimiyage' (2008)
Stella Im Hultberg, 'No Return' (2007)

Just for fun…

From 'WTF' 2nd Series, by Estudio Minga

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