Ocean:Views launch + Shakespeare

Here they are! Pictures from the Ocean:Views launch outside Te Papa, Dec 1st 2010. It was a beautiful afternoon, in the amazing Wellington waterfront – lots of fun, and lots of gusty wind…alas I am very sorry to say it made me litter, as it blew my clear plastic sleeve of reference images into the sea!

Thanks to Bob from WWF for the photos~

The picture frame is absolutely stunning. Wish I had one in my back garden – if I had one of those..


Isn't it beautiful..
Admirers, Duncan, and Duncan's admirable work
In progress
Starting on my giant penguin, clutching an even bigger message in a bottle
The lovely Christchurch girls on camp in Wellington, who gave me many enthusiastic helping hands. Thanks girls!
Cool sea creatures around a globe. The wind in Wellington is very keen on taking all your chalk as soon as you lay it down.

The show from Baobab is now finished, I have all my work back with me. A little relieved to see them about actually!
Thank you so much to all who contributed to my little voting box, I really really appreciate all your kind and generous comments! More news on that ‘mystery prize’ soon 😉

On a more literary note, I was so pleased yesterday – found this Bill Bryson book in a discount book store on Lambton Quay, scored it! Stunningly illustrated, and amusingly written, but what sold it was the feel of the cover jacket… ❤ embossed paper.

I am going to show it off with pictures 🙂

Mmm feather quill
Sir William

2 thoughts on “Ocean:Views launch + Shakespeare

  1. Hey Lucy! The photos look awesome! It must’ve been fun to be chalking (is that a legitimate verb?) on the side walk.

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