Wrapped and ready

I am very happy and excited to announce two things…prints, and merchandise!

First things first.

1. Fine art prints are now available at Pixel Ink (Cuba St, Wellington)!


Lots of prints!


'Nestled' Original and print

Currently three prints available in-store:

Dear Dik Dik and Nestled – two new works, now on my website.
(Approx. 12” x 18”)

(Approx. 8” x 12”)

All are printed at Kinetic 121, with archival inks on beautiful Hahnemühle 310gsm German Etching Paper.

Mmm thick textured paper..

2. I am now registered with Society6, where artists can use their work to create not only fine art prints, but merchandise like laptop skins, ipod cases and hoodies; and Society6 takes care of everything from printing to shipping. How awesome is that.

The prices are definitely reasonable – for example iPod/iPhone skins are US$15.00, so NZ$20.00, which is cheaper than a lot of skins you can get in NZ malls. And all of it is beautiful original artwork – so many stunning ones to choose from…I feel very very tempted myself! Ahh, gotta love the connection that is possible via the internet nowadays.

I’m still working on prettifying, but please do visit 🙂

See my Society6 store!


'Dear Dik Dik' on Society6

I was also quite pleased when I received an email a few minutes ago, notifying me that my work Faith has been selected to be featured on Society6. Woop!

On another note, thank you to the lovely Ms. Oli who has kindly shared a picture I did for her – see her blog for super beautiful pics from her current adventures in China!
Now to round off this mighty long post, some new delicate little illustrations I had fun doing the last couple days. I’ll make these available on Society 6 soon too.

Each of these are inspired by song lyrics or quotes. See if you know any of them 😛


'...current is strong from what I've heard...it will whisk you down the stream...'
'The Wish is mother to the Thought'
'...I'm ready now to fly from the highest swing...I had a dream.'

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