Christmas cheer, whoop!

I come bearing good news. This is going to be a bit of a jumbled post so I’ll number it to make it a little less so.

#1 -My first print sale at Pixel Ink – ‘Sway’ has now found a new home! 🙂

Now I have the original of both ‘Sway’ and ‘Rose Tide’ in store, for sale – if you can please do drop by and take a look, Roz has heaps of other beautiful goodies on sale!

#2 – Went to Craft2.0 at the New Dowse, Lower Hutt, this past saturday. What a great place. I shall have to investigate getting myself a stall at the next event (in 3 months)!

I purchased this amazing necklace from the talented and super lovely Nini (‘Things Unseen’). She is away on holiday at the moment but I will post a link to her Etsy shop when it is up and running next year. It is totally unique and gorgeous, the necklace features a little rabbit, with a rough-diamond flower, emerging from a vintage watch-piece and accompanied by a little swallow charm. I love it, thank you Nini!

#3- As early Christmas presents go, I am soo happy with mine. Moleskine notebooks (finally!!!) which I have been busy decorating – and new art supplies, including the set of Cretacolor (yes, it is American and ‘u’-less) drawing pencils which were so beautiful I had to take photos. Swoon.

#4- Postcards will be available on Etsy very soon, and are already in-store at Pixel Ink. The picture is ‘Memory Falls’, I will put up pics after I take them (need daytime light!).

Christmas in two days!! If I don’t make a post before then, I wish everyone the very merriest of Christmases, and I hope you all take a moment or two, to remember what the festivity is really about! Thank you so much for all the support you have given me, it is something I truly cherish.



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