L’ultima volta per 2010

One more day until 2011!

Hope you have all had a super enjoyable Christmas! It’s been a few days of crazy windy tantrums in Wellington, but who is surprised!

It’s been a reasonably quiet time for me, but with delicious Christmas meals to eat and lovely visitors to spend time with and gorgeous sunny beaches to lie on I’m afraid I have not accomplished too much since my last post. But started a new watercolour today, which will form part of a new set which I intend to make into prints!

Here’s a bit of a look at my workspace…

I sat down to colour and then decided it was really a very good time to clean my watercolour palette. I am a little bashful to say that I have not truly cleaned it for…well. If it was alive, it would be a walking BO stinkbomb.

So..with a bit of of scrubbing, warm water and soap…Voila!

Spot the difference?
Now a snippet of the drawing stage. LOVE rich thick textured watercolour paper ❤ ❤ ❤

I have planned out a very full on January, so I’ll try to keep posting away during in-between times~~

Finally, discovery – Brisbane based Aussie illustrator/artist/all round crafty cat Lauren Carney (link to her blog). She does sweet illustrations with so much detail – yet they also retain a sort of pictorial simplicity. It certainly is far more impressive than my poor description!

I’ll leave you with these pictures, and a very Happy New Year! Get the champagne ready – here’s to a doubly good 2011~~





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