Christchurch shock

Hello again! I know it’s been too long, and you all probably thought I’d disappeared for good.

I have been away in Melbourne! It is the coolest of cities, SO many delightful little shops and cafes and vintagey things around every corner. The wildlife and bush there is equally beautiful. Despite the icky humidity, it was a brilliant trip and a wonderful time for catching up with old friends.

So, I am back, moved and unpacked in a new house, and ready to get back into it. I would like to offer a little piece below, in light of the truly tragic time Christchurch has gone through – not just with the earthquake 4 days ago, but since last September. It’s a strange quality of humanity, that you can never truly see yourself as privileged without witnessing another’s misfortune…

To those who can, please give donations! Or if not, why not try out something that will bring a smile to someone who has lost a lot, like ‘The Great Sunday Bake-Off‘?

I am busying myself with various art and non-art endeavours, but know that I will have a little stall in the upcoming Easter Craft 2.0! I am very excited, and will have little updates now and then with my progress.

So, ciao for now, hope you like this poco disegno!

Watching You Go, Watercolour & Acrylic, 6" x 8"


One thought on “Christchurch shock

  1. the bake off is just not a good idea. this from the civil defense website “Donations – please give cash not goods
    People wanting to contribute to the response are encouraged to contribute financially ONLY. (No donations of goods or services at this time please).”

    worse the organiser has no plans to avoid burdening emergency response once the food gets there.

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