Powering on

I am loving sculpting little creatures.

I am considering making custom orders available for these brooches, because this will make them even more precious little gifts – for yourself or for a dear friend. But if I do, this will be exclusive to Craft2.0, so you will have to come along to get your own! More on this later, as well as the Pixel Ink show 🙂

Also working on some pieces for a month-long show during May, at Pranah Cafe, in Newtown, Wellington – very excited about these!

So just wanted you to know, I will be the featured seller on the Craft 2.0 blog on this Saturday, 16th April. Be sure to check it out!

On other matters – vogels ROCK. They are scrummmy and I needed to declare that! They have kept me going as a staple breakfast food. Mmm.

PIcture time~

(once again excuse the poor quality photos, my precious EOS50D is still away on sick leave..)

Rounded corners make this picture cuter..
A cumulus cloud makes a good rest spot
There is always time for breakfast

A personalized gift for a friend, and yes that is a little Legolas 😛



2 thoughts on “Powering on

    1. Thanks Ada!
      I will be selling them at the Craft 2.0 fair in Lower Hutt next weekend!
      But if you wait a little while, I just might have some up on my Etsy shop very soon too…will keep you posted~
      Hope you are well! 🙂

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