I haven’t featured many other artists’ work on here recently – but that doesn’t mean I am not gathering them by the handful!

Stina Persson
Stella Im Hultberg
Laura Laine
Not sure who made these, but i LOVE it!
James Jean
Christy Langer
Amy Sol

So in awe of these wonderful people right now.

What amazing works have you seen lately? What other artists have you found?

I recently watched an interview with James Jean from Semi-Permanent 2009, an international design conference held here in NZ, and I was reminded again of how humble many of these artists are – despite being so successful each in their own way.

A dear friend sent me a message out of the blue today, with a picture of a portrait I did of her something like 6 years ago, saying she still loves it. I was so touched by this, and the nostalgia that came with it… Thanks C! ❤

So, I just want to be corny for a moment and say a big thank you. I am so honoured to have all of you who support and encourage what I do. Though I am still at the foot of a big mountain I am determined to climb, it truly helps a great deal to know that you are watching out for me. Sometimes offering very wise advice. Sometimes buying me a heck of a good coffee to fuel my day. I feel so fortunate, every day, to have the time and tools to create, and to share my creations with you. This is something I don’t want to ever forget for a moment.

Hope you are all keeping snug and warm in this wonderfully horrendous downpour… I would advise for some steaming hot soup and bedsocks at night.



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