Advice about life as an artist

I love it.

I love when you have a visual revelation, and your eyes widen because what you see strikes you and tugs at your heart and makes you think (or, simply because you can’t stand its awesomeness, you say out loud): “WOW.”

Ann Marshall, 'Beige' (2010)

Ann Marshall. I have just ‘WOW’d at her amazing portraits. It’s a flawless blend of feminine serenity, the patterned world of Klimt and the flat, pastel-coloured formality of Whistler. They will be incredible when seen in the flesh, to scale (most are life-size or close to it).

I’m usually not a big fan of collage works, but her integration of collage and painting is just breathtaking! [photos below]

What I also wanted to share though, is the 14 pieces of very truthful advice which she offers on her Miscellanea page [scroll down a little to see it]. She has titled it as advice to art students, but I think it is useful for anyone looking to extend themselves in creative ways.

Many of these made me think ‘oh, of course I know that; but upon second thoughts I realize that most of these things I do not really achieve, despite thinking so often about them. We all need to focus on doing, because a thought is nothing – until it is given life through action.

So tired right now… but so inspired – hope this feeling stays for the coming week!


Oh and just so you all know, I’ve updated my photos for ‘Lucy Yu Artwork & Portraiture’ on TradeMe, and added frames to all the images so they now look a bit more attractive. Lastly, I will let myself feel a moment of proudness right here, for this burst of blogging diligence! Thanks for sticking with me~

Ann Marshall, 'She would pretend (for now)' (2010)
Ann Marshall, 'Garden' (2010)
Klimt - Hope (1903) - see the similarity?
Ann Marshall, 'Portrait of a three legged rabbit' (2008)
Anne Marshall, 'Madeleine' (2010) - I think that arm is amazing, how it protrudes from the flatness of the collage around it!
Ann Marshall - Sudeshna (2011)

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