Autumn leaves, giant huskies, and surprise cupcakes

Right now, it’s one of my favourite times of the year.

I love how the leaves drift from the branches in a haze of dazzling orange and fiery red. It’s quite poetic,  how they become such beautiful colours before falling gracefully from life.***

Recent days have passed quickly, but much of it was pleasant. Had lots of family over for a visit, which was really nice! Now I have even more ideas to work with and work out. I am steering towards something involving the elusive theme of sleep, animals, hair, and beautiful plant textures…we shall see how it goes..

Some updates:

– Only 2 weeks left of ‘Animalia’ at Pranah cafe! I am still making prints available so please do go along and take a look, and try out the coffee 🙂

– I will be part of another group exhibition in June – more info soon!

– The next Craft2.0 will be on Saturday 2nd July, and I will be there again yay! I am excited to be working on new drawings now, see pics below for a little peek at a drawings in progress, and snippets of recent activities..

Hope you are all having some nights to enjoy cool season treats (like tim tam slams/straws , soo good 🙂


***I especially appreciate this now, since watching ‘Plants’, part of Lifethe BBC series narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough. How amazing it is, that technological advancement now provide us with the means to watch plants in fast forward motion, so that they appear as spirited little (or huge) creatures not so different from us!

Typical misty Autumn morning, street I call home
The leaves are like a mob of orange parrots!
Lovebirds! I never knew they are an actual kind of bird until recently!
Wise words with a moccaccino
More delicious coffee - nothing is better than when it's made by a good friend 🙂
Framed print of 'Blush', custom order. Me like~
My first rugby experience! Hurricanes vs Blues
Pretty fairy lights, wedding reception
Enormous and magnificent husky taking up a whole back seat!
Yum Cha with family at The Majestic ❤ Mmm egg tarts...
Moon has been incredible the last couple of weeks. Super big and shiny. Civic square, Wellington
Afternoon glory over the Khandallah hills (this is the view from the driveway on a good day)
Later: autumn sunset, around 5pm, different hill and not from the driveway. But still so glorious...
A surprise gift from a dear friend, found at 6am on the doorstep. So spoilt! Thank you so much xoxo

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