New postcards, Craft2.0 & rising before dawn

I like the feeling of rising before the sun.

So fresh.

It’s a bit of a struggle sometimes to achieve the rising part (has to be done, of course, when required to taxi one’s fiancé to the airport, 4am) but once achieved it’s quite satisfying. For me it usually leads to a very productive morning. It’s always nice to watch the sunrise too.

Hataitai houses, pre-dawn
7.14am, lonely bench, beautiful view
Little boats - aren't they perfect shelters for tiny creatures!
Descent into the water..I stood here imagining the feeling of walking on water. Gives me chills..!

SO my first task of the day is to share the following pictures of my new postcards – just arrived from MOO! You might remember my last post (here) raving about MOO’s eco-friendly goodness and beautiful print quality. Well, their quality is certainly consistent, and they give you 10% off your second order!

You will find some of these at Pixel Ink Gallery on Cuba St, Wellington and of course, at Craft2.0 next weekend!
[ More on Craft2.0 to come, check back soon~~ ]

Lastly – only a week left of Femme d’Art at Artrium Gallery! I think during these wet cold days, visiting a warm gallery sounds mighty good 🙂

Now pictures! I am liking the rounded corners….what do you think?



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