Lucky draw time …

Craft2.0 last weekend!
Second time around was fun 🙂

Some photos from setup (excuse my obsession with the ‘earlybird’ filter from Instagram) –

Elisabeth (The Sewphist) and I joined forces! See more of her lovely work on Etsy here
my half of the table, filled with prints, postcards, bookmarks..
a cheeky Nini, with her lovely Things Unseen jewelry 🙂

A bit quieter this fair than last, so I got more time to visit and enjoy the other sellers’ creations – and got more time to talk the lovely people who visited my stall! It was so nice to meet all of you !

For those who signed up for the mailing list and voted for your favourite…you were all in for the chance to receive a free set of 5 postcards!

So, here’s the draw …

The entrants ...
... the winner!

Thank you to all of you who entered – Jagoda, I will send you an email and get those postcards sent out to you!

I have come across so many inspiring things lately that I want to blog about – so I am collecting those sources and will trickle them through one at a time…

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of this beauty – I love how even though it’s winter, there’s been no shortage of incredible flowers to admire..

(I tried to simulate dewdrops, not sure it was very successful!)

PS. If anyone has suggestions on free wordpress themes that are super-clean and minimalist, please let me know – I am really not liking the big bold font and layout of the ones I am finding! Thanks ~~


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