Late July inspiration

This weekend was beautiful.

For one, the sun graced Wellington with her presence, and she was glorious. Added warm fuzzies to a Saturday morning visiting Eastbourne for brunch and gelato, an afternoon at the New Zealand Art Show, a much-awaited archery lesson on a glowing Sunday morning, badminton games with my family as the evening drew close, and slightly sugar-crazed baking for what was an epic work morning tea today!

Corn fritters at Chocolate Dayz Cafe, Eastbourne; this reminds me of tendrils on a vine, so curly and cool; the filling part of the cake!

Despite the loveliness that was, this post will be dedicated to a new beginning – of sharing some of the incredible and inspirational things I come across during my week.

It’s not easy to narrow down – but here goes, enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Priscilla Ahn. Half-Korean singer with the sweetest voice and music…

Priscilla Ahn

Priscilla Ahn : via Blogotheque

She has a new album out now, you can check them out on her MySpace page.

If you loved Priscilla’s music, do have a listen to the equally talented Emi Meyer (also friend of P. Ahn) – I love the jazzy feel of her music, and her voice adds a perfect velvety smooth feel. Emi is half-Japanese. Go the half-Asian girls of the music world!

* ~ * ~ *

Noma Bar. No description required – see his vector portraits via Brain Pickings here.

I am so impressed and envious of his use (or any artist’s clever use) of negative space. I am working on incorporating more of that into my own art. It certainly tickles my eye’s fancy!

Noma Bar, Charlie Chaplin portrait (isn't it the epitome of succinct in visual language!)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jo Wickham Wedding Photography. I have indeed been scouting around wedding stuff for my impending big day (just over a year from now – if all goes to plan!) and I was so taken with Jo’s natural, candid shots and aesthetic eye. Lovely. Here’s her blog.

Jo Wickham Wedding Photography

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Photographer Bruno Dayan has shot some big-name celebrities, and you can see why… some of his work borders on painterly, full of detail and sensuality, and sometimes exploding with contrast and colour!

This is one of my favorites – it’s like a Whistler painting (see below)… *swoon*. More of BD’s photography on his website.

Bruno Dayan, 'Japonisme'
James Abbot McNeil Whistler, Harmony in Grey and Green, Miss Cicely Alexander (1872-3)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Regan Rosburg, an incredible artist from Colorado, who collects all sorts of ephemera from nature and life (including lace, real bull ants or bugs, feathers and teeth), and puts them together, usually with the help of resin, into what can be described as a framed 3D installation – or painting. It really crosses the boundaries between art forms and the boundary between science and art.

Regan Rosburg, The Invisible Audience (2011)
Regan Rosburg, The Unfamiliarity of Strangeness (2011)

See a video of her talking about this process here, and more artwork from David B. Smith Gallery here. Stunning how 2D it looks on the computer screen – it would be incredible to peer into the sfumato-esque depth of the real work!


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