Godin, sunny days and beautiful aged faces

Dropped off more prints today at Made.it! If you do spot anything you would like, and/or wish to commission something, you can flick me an email, I’ll be happy to hear from you!

I decided I’ll be a little self-indulgent in this post. I don’t usually write much about my day…

Blue sky..wonky iPhone photo (very windy..)
Blue(ish) water..
I love the skin on this guy... it's incredible, like an ancient tortoise. At Chinese Portrait Photography Exhibition

I have not managed to read a book properly for longer than I care to remember. I reason that it’s the modern phenomenon of constant multi-tasking at fault, as it creates ridiculously shortened attention spans. But then I can draw for hours without issue, so….

Anyway today I ready  an entire book (bar the last few pages, which I will finish tonight)!! Yay!So it was pretty thin.
And easy to read.
But it was very instructional indeed, thanks Seth Godin! In being an artist, being a business, or just being you, it’s definitely a good thing to have a Purple Cow.

Went to the Chinese Contemporary Portrait Photography Exhibition at the St James theatre. It had beautiful work but I must say the organization and presentation was rather lackluster. No detail cards for each piece, some pieces even propped against a sunny window (argh the UV!!). Still, worth a look if you are around!

I also purchased a bottle of Charlie’s Honest water ($3.00), and then read the label, and realized the entire text was dedicated to advocating the tagline ‘It’s made from plants, not oil’! Subsequently felt a little cheated. Sure, I partly chose Charlie’s over my only other option (Antipodes Sparkling water, glass bottle, $4.50) because of the ‘Eco-bottle’. I thought the water was the more important part of a bottle of water?

Also tried Duchess cake (thanks Sue!) for the first time, accompanied by warm mulled wine at The Apartment with some lovely ladies a.k.a fellow Craft2.0 sellers. Mmmm.. It was a fantastic day, love sunny days in Wellington city 🙂

Since I’m on a personal inclination, I should mention that since I am going to Singapore, Malaysia and China in just over a month (very excited!!) Unfortunately this means I will not be able to attend the next Craft2.0 – but I definitely hope to be there for the next one.

A bit under wraps at the moment too, but I may also have a few collaboration pieces with Things Unseen coming up- to be announced…meanwhile you can check out her work this Saturday, at the Indie Fashion and Jewelry Markets, Frank Kitts Underground Market, part of the World of Wearable Arts (if you are going, I am just a wee bit jealous!)

Another post soon with details about that prize draw I mentioned….

Have a great week everyone!


PS. Did you get some snow last week? I know it’s old news now, but it was so beautiful…

The first evening, looking out the window. Narnia?
Day 3, last day with snowfall. Lovely.
Looks like melting vanilla ice cream
New neighbor 🙂

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