New work, simmering ideas, and the (dark) art of pricing

The rundown –

1. Hot Yoga
2. New work & pic
3. Jessica Hische and her advice


I have been trying bikram (hot) yoga the last few weeks. I must say it feels pretty unbearable for some moments, being in a hot hot room (38-40 degrees) with many sweaty people doing awkward poses and someone pushing verbal commands down your ear – ‘Stretch! And more! And push!’

Afterwards though, that feeling of total rejuvenation in a freshly re-oxygenated, relaxed and limber body… it’s totally worth it.

Humans are odd like that. Amazing people with incredible self-discipline aside, it really takes the worst circumstances to make us realize the best of what we have, and often forget to appreciate. Simple things like fresh air, or chilled drinks, or a soft pillow.

I have been thinking about such contradictions lately. I have also been very excited about certain ideas brewing regarding a show next year….which will be incredible, but I will be secretive about that for now..


What I can share though, is a work I completed a little while ago!

Unseeing first came about from my discovery that the word bulimia originates from the Greek boulimia, bous (ox) and ‘limos’ (hunger).
I tend to not explain what I draw too much, as it obviously limits what others will see.

What do you think? I’d be interested to hear what it suggests for you..!

'Unseeing' (2011), Watercolour and pencil


Something else to share with you – this excellent article by Brooklyn-based illustrator/designer Jessica Hische, On Getting Paid.

This is a topic which I have not found adeptness at yet. I like this article as it really stresses something I have found to be very true: in a financial and social climate where products and services are constantly de-valued (think 1-day, GrabOne, or DailyDo), it gets more and more difficult to find a good balance between being ‘competitive’ in your niche, and maintaining pride and integrity in your work.

Many creative people are brilliant, but from what I have seen, talented people tend to underprice their work…perhaps it’s the heckler. I know he comes and bothers me. All the time…

The ‘right’ price is so subjective, particularly when it comes to things like art. Someone might be satisfied to sell their grandparents’ vintage handmade clock for $5 to someone;  yet perhaps another person may have happily paid $150 for it. A quick buck can always be made, whatever your expertise – but keep in mind that you are always part of a bigger picture, and that your prices will inevitable affect the perceived value of your line of work.

Do you believe the ‘ideal’ customer/client – someone who can truly appreciate your time, effort and skills – will come along? If so, how long can you wait for them to show up? And the inherent fear…what if they don’t show?


2 thoughts on “New work, simmering ideas, and the (dark) art of pricing

  1. Mmm pricing is always tricky particularly for something as subjective as art where you’re not really entering a defined market. In many respects I’m quite lucky to be in a field where there are certain established expectations about the quality of the work I produce, the price of that work, and the relationship between them. That being said the progress and successes of you and others in areas that are less well defined is always inspiring in terms of showing what is possible.

    You’ll get better at pricing with time 🙂

    1. Thanks Bradley, you are right it is a very grey area – but it’s liberating too to have this, since there is more room for innovation, which in turn will make new ‘standards’ for pricing. You have certainly done well in your approach (and love that new photo on your website home page too!)

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