Dr Sketchy sketches, woodgrain and plaits

Dr. Sketchy was so much fun last Saturday!

Well done to the lovely Rachel Rouge and everyone else who helped organize, and of course to The Dreamstress, Leimomi Oakes, who provided insightful and quirky anecdotes to further our understanding of the beautiful handmade corsets and historical undergarments on show!

Here’s some of my sketches, done between sips of cool CC and dry 🙂

Lovely models on stage at Mighty Mighty
My unexpected prize - thanks to Phil for selecting my sketch!

In other news, I am a busy bee for the next week and a half, as I have so much work (and packing!) to do before I jet off overseas on the 27th September!

I am so excited to start painting on wood too, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages! Thanks to Jinx in the Sky for supplying me with my first wood panel, and also being the inadvertent reason that I am now going to be part of a November exhibition in Auckland! More updates to follow 🙂

While you all watch out for/enjoy the crazy-fickle hail/ sun of recent days, here is a peek at something new, hope you like!


First wood painting! To be continued..
For a collaborative project coming soon 🙂


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