Friday freebies, and the bizarrely beautiful

Picture-heavy post ahead!

So it is time….[drumroll]…the winner of ‘Vixen’ and 4 other postcards…

Bradley Patten, of Pattenmakers Photography!

The winnings

[In case you are wondering, I put all the names into a spreadsheet, in no particular order, and asked the nearest person – mum, at the time – to pick a random number.]

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and/or spread the word about my artwork. I am very happy to be giving something back, and this since it’s Christmas soon….there will be more special things to come~

Bradley I will get in touch with you regarding shipping next week!

In other news…

Beauty meets the Bizarre opens tomorrow! The beautiful and talented Miss Meghan Geliza has done an amazing job curating the show,  and I want to attend the opening so much, but unfortunately not possible for me … so if you’re around, it’ll be a great little tea party with awesome art – perfect for a Saturday afternoon, no? 🙂

Here are some previews of my pieces for the show, the wood grain is much better appreciated in person, especially on ‘Spirited’ – that was a beautiful panel to paint.

Happy Friday everyone!


'Spirited' (2011), Acrylic on wood panel (Yaka), 230mm x 350mm
'Spirited' detail
'Hope' (2011), Oil on panel (Kaudamu), 400mm x 600mm
'Hope' detail, snake
'Hope' detail, eye and daisies

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