Precious things

Hello again.

I feel a bit strange writing a blog post again, after such a long absence. A lot has happened since last Christmas.

Lots learned, and lots to anticipate.
In less than 6 months, I will be starting an adventure. In Europe!!
It’s so wonderful and surreal to think I will be standing in Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia. Imagine looking up and seeing this, for real. *Swoon*

The anticipation of new things makes you think differently about the present. It puts a time limit on the existence of familiar things. Suddenly the mundane seems more peculiar. Enriched with new meaning. Precious.

That’s what I decided to name this painting. It is currently on exhibit at Pixel Ink until June 30th. You can now see a selection of works online, and even purchase originals or prints!

This painting was initially inspired by the view from my studio.

Morning light sometimes strikes the power lines in such a way that they appeared to glow. It’s beautiful.

In their glowing glory, I see them as symbols of power.

Power is often connected with force. But at it’s core, power is about choice – even the strongest force can be useless if it is directed in the wrong way. Perhaps it is the foundation philosophies of wing-chun (something else new for 2012!) which have helped me distinguish two related concepts: strength and power.

The ability to obtain treasures may give you great power, but it’s the capacity to care for what is precious that will give you great strength.

Nothing is seen as precious until it becomes worthy of preservation; preciousness, therefore, is a matter of perception – a frame that’s put around something to say ‘hey – this is worth your attention’.

It’s amazing how much different a regal frame makes to even the plainest painting.

I found this sentiment on personal choice perfectly expressed by writer Tom Robbins

For a person has not only perceptions but a will to perceive, not only a capacity to observe the world but a capacity to alter his or her observation of it – which, in the end, is the capacity to alter the world, itself.’
Skinny Legs and All, p.91 ]

We are constantly reframing the world. Make sure you are looking at the right things.


Line drawing on panel
Colour test in Photoshop
Painting progress
‘Precious’ (2012), oil on pine panel, 28cm x 40cm

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