Winter days

It’s cold, and the skies are quick to darken these days. On clear nights though, I have found it soothing to stand outside (only for short moments lest I freeze). I look up, and watch my steamy breath-ghosts float up and away, into a black velvet sky speckled with glittery stars.

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Here’s a few pictures from recent days 🙂

Filled up a leather-bound sketchbook, received as a gift last year from my dear friend Nini (of Things Unseen) .

Did some baking .

Tea & more sketching .

Received a wee mention in the weekend paper ( yay! ) .

Drawings, some in-progress, some complete .

As always, finding far too much visual inspiration than I can soak up!

Like Soey Milk’s newest piece, Omixochitl. Her insanely, simultaneously loose and intricate technique blows my mind.
Or the talented artists featured on ARTchipel. What a wonderful way to lose track of time.

I’ve also discovered Tom Robbins, thanks to  Charmaine Olivia. I’m also planning my wedding, and a trip to Europe!!

It’s an exciting path ahead indeed… Next time I shall post about my upcoming shows in Wellington~



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