How to use Art for social change / The Little Lotus Project + Pat Shepherd


If you don’t already know about it, the Little Lotus Project is a wonderful initiative helmed by artists, that is enriching the lives of children on the Thai-Burma border.

Here’s where they were at one year ago –
via words
or video

On October 12th, 2012, Shed 11 on the Wellington waterfront will be hosting a one-week exhibition, ‘What do you Dream?’ (click for teaser poster!) featuring a bunch of super-talented artists, including the lovely work of Sofia Minson, Gina Kiel, Meghan Geliza, and Flox. The last exhibition in Wellington raised over $10,000 for the on-going welfare of these children. So be sure to go take a look for yourself!

And now Pat Shepherd, founder of the Little Lotus Project, has his sights set even higher. With the support of outstanding Kiwis like Taika Waititi, his new venture is the OnePercent Collective –
‘To promote collective generosity & create an online community enabling Kiwis to easily donate 1% of their income & help New Zealand charities grow’.

In his own words,
‘I want to inspire generosity by creating a charitable giving evolution in New Zealand. I want people to see the difference their donations make and to feel empowered by their generosity.’

Please support this venture (currently 4th on the leaderboard) by taking 5 seconds to vote for them in the AMP People’s Choice Scholarship!

Thanks for reading, I hope you will join me in supporting such a worthy cause and such dedicated humanitarians!



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