Flowing between seasons: an update

Happy New Year!

[Technically it’s not too late to say that, as Chinese New Year has yet to come on Feb. 10, 2013!]

So much happened in December I don’t know where to start. So I’ll state the obvious and confirm that Europe is, in every way, what I imagined – and more. Fairy-tale castles on mountain tops, snowy peaks that defy gravity, Christmas markets bejeweled with fairy lights and wafting with a mingle of spicy hot mulled wine and delicious roasts, shop windows where you can watch a chocolate fountain flow down a confectionary grassy glade…and so much history behind it all.

And the art galleries. Oh my. There is no to fully appreciate such grandiose and extensive collections in one day, let alone 2 hours that we usually had! I definitely had some mind blasting doses of inspiration.

And the food. Salivating just thinking about it…

This is the view from our accommodation in Lucerne, Switzerland, around 7.30am. Stunner!


I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas too 🙂

So what’s new this year?

– My online shop on Storenvy is now open! Lots of sale items including postcards and prints, and a limited edition of ‘Behold‘ now available on special (ends today!) Take a look 🙂

Sketch.every.day is continuing on again – check out the recent ones here.

– I’ve been doing some commissioned tattoo designs – it’s so exciting working with clients to find that ‘perfect’ image filled with personal meaning. It has also really re-ignited my want of another tattoo!

Found many incredible artists and tattoo artists lately, including Soey Milk and Nomi Chi. I adore their flowing lines, it makes me swoon.

I’ve been experimenting a bit too with colour and pastel – it felt right to loosen up, and move away from the comfort zone of sharp pencils and tiny details.

Like this sketch of Amelié. Still one of my favourite films of all time ❤

Amelie - Pastel sketch

As the inspirational Paris Gerrard aka Charcoal Alley recently posted –

Life and Courage

It’s something I will strive for this year of the snake. May you all have courageous and rewarding days to come!



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