Liberate yourselves, because no one else can.

Walking on a line


Many of us reach for it, and forget that there is no such thing as perfection in life; once something is perfect, it must frozen to preserve its flawlessness. It becomes static. Dead.

Perfection is a cage, limiting us to the safety of what is familiar. It makes us the architect of our own cage.

To free ourselves means to take apart the cage we have constructed, push past our own boundaries, and realise that there is so much possibility beyond these self-made bars.

It all starts with trusting yourself, and learning to not fear imperfection.
When you view yourself as are a constant work-in-progress, mistakes and bumps on the road become prompts for improvement and change, rather than reasons for self-deprecation. When success arises, it will be as nourishment and encouragement of how far you have come, rather than a determinant of self-worth.

You can stop reaching for an absolute, unattainable ideal and focus instead on experiencing – and enjoying – the journey.

It does not matter what kind of road you are taking in life. If you can stop dwelling on flawed yesterdays and envisioning fairy-tale tomorrows, you will notice that the path around you is filled with flowers you had never seen, that the breeze is fresher and the sun more deliciously warm on your face. You are living life.

And it’s worth hell of a lot more than being ‘perfect’.


[ The illustration below is from this gorgeous book by Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak]

Open House for Butterflies - stream listening


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