Winter reflection : how to make hard choices

Decisions can be hard.

For me, it’s often little choices that make me deliberate, like what porridge toppings I am in the mood for. In this scenario, often I end up with a bowl of cornucopian deliciousness.

Despite being nutritious and tasty, I sometimes lament it’s lack of specificity. There is no way to truly taste the essence of each ingredients. It’s complicated. And we know that simplicity is best.

With so many wonderful things out there in today’s diverse world, How are we supposed to select just one option and be satisfied?
The same applies for more significant life decisions : a spiderweb of paths lie before you, so how do you know which one is right? Clearly my porridge topping strategy is not possible here.

I have always believed that going with your instincts is key to fulfilment. To do this, you must first know what your instincts are seeking. You need to understand your why.
These underlying reasons determine everything; they are a sun for your internal compass. Yet I sense that the overwhelming wealth of choice in our world has blurred our own ability to recognise these core intentions and desires.

If you don’t make the choice, it will be made for you by someone (or something) else.
Fate, you might say.

I am guilty of falling into this default ‘fate’ mode many times. But I want to be active, not passive. Like anything worth doing, good decision making takes practice. I am taking a few moments each day for reflection, and for encouraging myself to cultivate more self-awareness. Life continues on; among the busy to-do’s and timelines and oddballs that get thrown your way, I have found it hard to quiet my mind and look inward for pieces of this puzzle. Progress is slow. But I can feel something piecing itself together, bit by bit. And I look forward to discovering the image these pieces will reveal.

Once you can recognise what matters most to you, decision making will feel so much more empowering. Each choice becomes a conscious step towards the sun you have chosen to follow.

What is your internal compass pointing towards? And if you are not sure, how will you discover your why?


Rosanne Croucher - Sett (2014)
Rosanne Croucher – Sett (2014)



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