On Happiness, and the way you think about doing things

Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon

Happiness is not a destination, it is the flowers you see and smell and maybe pick up as you make your way.

It can be a quiet cup of hot tea in the morning sun; a cooling breeze tingling your neck after a hot run; the comforting hug from a loved one; the sight and sound of the ocean waves.

I have a sneaking feeling that regardless of age, gender, nationality, values and taste, we have an lot more in common than we think. It’s in these tiny yet significant pleasures that often connects us with strangers, or makes us really feel our surroundings.

Sometimes I feel guilt, for wanting that which makes me smile. Who am I to deserve such pleasure, when there’s so many out there without the basic comforts we take for granted?
But it is not self-centred to seek things that make you glad. The better and more mindful we feel, spiritually, mentally, physically, the more each of us can spread this goodness.

So today, as you dash forth towards your goals and deadlines and the completion of to-do lists… take a moment to listen to your breath, your life force.

Then ask: What makes me happy?

Go smell those flowers, and be glad for it.



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