What’s the rush?

Claude Monet - Waterlilies (1919)
Claude Monet – Waterlilies (1919)


It’s such a simple word, a simple concept. It’s a comma in time.

Yet in today’s fast moving world, the pause has accumulated an alternate meaning, becoming a sign of imperfect ability. Needing to pause means you are not able to arrive at your destination in one breath. This must mean you are less capable than those who can.

But what’s the rush?

We are creatures made to move, and we certainly make the most of it. Rushing around pumped by caffeine, perhaps not noticing what breakfast really tasted like, or the enormous cumulus clouds hovering in the sky, or realizing that a small dog with a jingling collar watched as we strode past.

‘Don’t stop’, the world says. To be productive, ambitious, successful, you have to be on the go. And we listen.

But what’s the rush?

I am certainly guilty of listening to this inner voice, urging me on. Trapped in this map of time and to-do’s and constant distraction. When we are lost in this hectic space we are disconnected from the real life around us. We become unaware of anything outside our narrow, absorbed tangle of anxiety that is all about the past, the future, but not the present.

Our world becomes small, petty. Anything that gets in the way of us zooming through on our mission is a headache to be manoeuvred or dealt with as swiftly as possible.

But what’s the rush?

When we forget about the present, we forget about Mystery. Curiosity. The exploration of something unexpected. Those childhood qualities which, if nurtured, can develop into the greatest innovation.

Perhaps we cling to action as an anchor, especially when we are afraid of the alternative. It feels safer to be running somewhere – anywhere – than to stand your ground and face something unknown. Evolutionarily, this is a win, and a quick-fix solution to threat.

But what’s the rush?


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