Aliveness, nothingness, and three things that matter.


I experienced a profound shift yesterday. And it may not have happened without a beautiful evening spent enjoying a home cooked meal, bubbly champagne and honest conversation with two inspiring new friends.

I realized how much mistrust I was holding inside, towards myself and my actions.

It took a lot to admit something this simple.
Like many people, I bottle up so much anxiety within, but forget that this is not the way things have to be.

We are in a wanting society. Where focus is laid on what we don’t yet have, what we should instead have, what we should instead want.

We live in an age where constant GO is what we strive for – and there is a sense of guilt associated with ‘doing nothing’.

But we are never doing nothing.

What is really meant by that is taking the time to JUST BE ALIVE.

Isn’t this the foundation of the human experience? To appreciate that we have breath, we have movement, and we have our own consciousness?

It is only through this aliveness that we can connect with the world around us – without self-hindering judgment of ourselves and of others. If at all we have any superiority above other fellow animals, it is this level of conscientiousness about our place in this completely fickle, changing world.

It is a marvellous coincidence, and a privilege, to be here. Just remembering this simple fact can give us new appreciation for what we have.

We are not what we have done,
or what we should do
or will do.

We are whatever we wish to be, right at this moment.

My intention this week is to stop living in the past (reliving could-have’s) or the future (imagining could-be’s).
Plans are important, but it is more important to be ok with the fact that it will never quite play out exactly as we wish.

After all, what’s the fun in a story if you already know how it ends?
As the Buddha has said:
Only three things matter in life:
how deeply you loved,
how gently you lived,
and how gracefully you let go of things that were not meant for you.

Let’s milk every present moment, to be grateful, to feel, to create and share moments of alive-ness in our experience of this world.



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