Why each year always passes way too fast

Live for the little things

It’s nice being ‘in the flow’.
It is a timeless, effortless space, where all that matters is the point of focus at hand. It is a magical place to be in – for me it can be a lazy afternoon on the beach, an inspired afternoon in the studio, a flowing vinyasa, or perhaps a really good book.

In those moments, this arbitrary installation we call time ceases to matter, because all of our awareness is directed to the present. There is no worry about the future, or dwelling on the past. We are just being.

For me drawing is a form of flow, of meditation, and of being: observe, transform, create. I love that feeling of making the first mark on fresh white paper; how even the simplest line drawing can connect individual minds, and translate so much emotion.

Similarly, I have discovered a form of being through yoga. There is an intrinsic awareness of movement, of breath, of the aliveness that literally yokes the world within and outside our body. This gaze, or Drishti, towards our inner world can be daunting, and sometimes confronting, but it always offers more light onto our inner self, how we wish to be, and how we can become.

If we were able to be in this flow, and present in all moments, I do not think so many of us would reach this time of the year, and recoil in surprise at the word December! I am one of these people right now.

Instead, our lives are filled with distractions, both accidental and self-imposed. Sometimes we purposely avoid doing the things that really matter, for fear we will make a mistake, and not live up to the apparently picture perfect faux-realities that reside only in our Instagram and Facebook perpetuated lives.

We constantly seek more, beyond all that is already within our grasp, and although curiosity and ambition can be great forces of growth, they tend to neglect the treasures we already have at hand – including time.


As an artist and now, on my path towards being a yoga teacher, I want to remind people of the beautiful, intricate sensations in life; to seek and find joy in the hidden details usually missed. Because these little moments of connection are truly precious.

And to achieve this I must make sure I am also doing the same. So this is my intention for the new year, and for this blog.

  1. To take the time to savour each moment, without labelling it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – because there are always positives and negatives to all situations.
  2. To expect nothing, and accept everything as it comes. Because procrastination and denial are only ways of delaying the inevitable.
  3. To make each step on this earth conscious, steady, and true, and in turn, leave space for others to do the same.

I might add a fourth intention – to write more. I hope that by reflecting on the inspiration, experiences and lessons I encounter, it will help me become more conscientious, more grateful, and more independent from the tugging of distractions and beliefs that are not my own.

I hope, too, that by sharing this it will offer you even the smallest nudge of encouragement towards bringing life to what you believe wholeheartedly.

As Marianne Williamson observes:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”


Perhaps we could all be less fearful, more powerful, and more aware human beings, if we take the time to really experience time itself, instead of spending this precious gift by lamenting its sneaky, stealthy disappearance.

Time will pass anyway. So let’s observe it, feel it, and bid farewell when the time comes and goes.



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