Satyagraha :: Holding Your Truth


Lucy Lawes Yoga | Photo by Emily French Lifestyle
Photography | Emily French Lifestyle


:: s a t y a g r a h a | सत्याग्रह ::
satya | truth // graha | an insistence / holding firmly onto

This is a term developed by Gandhi, and was also referred to as ‘love-force’ or ‘soul-force’. To me it is a philosophy of strength and kindness; one that holds ahimsa (non-violence) at its core.

Especially in a world of frenetic voices and mixed messages, one of the most important things we can do is to find our own truth.

This means the difficult, and often messy process of digging down, past all the layers of should’s, uncertainties, expectations, doubts…and into the deepest, purest core of our being. This is the well that can replenish us, endlessly.

Our first step: choose to lean in, dance forward, and commit to the journey. A good place to start is by re-storying our experiences.

When a situation is tightly entwined with a specific feeling – joy, nurture, or perhaps shame or grief, it is often because we have experienced this encounter many times, with the same expectations, and the same results. Like a well-worn track, it locks into our bodies and our memories as a story – one we eventually to stop questioning, and mark as ‘truth’.

Real, yes – but is it really true?

We tend to see truth as absolute, but personal truths are subjective and need space for change.

What is true for you at 12 may not be true at 24, or 35, or 80. This doesn’t mean any of these truths are wrong; they are simply different aspects of you, at different times of your growth.

We need to question the possibility of alternative narratives. Because if we hold to one story, we will never be able to allow for the growth that comes with a new and unexpected twist; one that leads to a new chapter.

One un-truth I am coming to release is common among many of us, but oh-so-nuanced and so entangling. Those 4 little words with big, big implications:

‘I am not enough.’

I’m not pretty enough. Not toned enough. I am not strong enough. I am not happy enough, not confident enough, not hungry enough, not loved enough, not caffeinated enough, not outgoing enough…


Whose voice is telling you this? Whose ‘truth’ are you listening to?

How many seasons of ‘not enough‘ are you willing to shrivel through before you choose to cast this false winter coat aside?

Say it aloud. Right now.
‘I am enough. You are enough. We ARE enough.’

We are circles, being taught to fit into amorphous cookie cutter shapes.


There is far more strength, beauty, resilience, grace, and fullness in a circle – in you – than you may even realise.

Let go of someone else’s cookie cutter, and be a circle. Be your own circle. Truthful. Complete. Whole.

You’re already there.



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