Portraiture {Process}

Most commissions I have received are for pencil portraits.

I think part of the appeal is the simplicity and directness of a pencil drawing. There is just something different about recognizing yourself, or someone you know, in a picture that was created with nothing but the humble pencil and paper.

Of course, creating realistic features, expression and depth requires some careful work and layering, just like in painting. Here’s a quick montage of how this portrait came about!

Click on the images to see a larger view.

Thanks to Lee and Giulia (and Miley) for your generosity in letting me use this as an example! 


{ The photo }

{The portrait }

{ The Process }


(Images left-right, top-bottom)

1, 2, 3 . Sketch outline
4, 5 .     Shading, contours. Added some black watercolour to hair and Miley the pup
6, 7 .     Highlighting whites with acrylic paint and tiny brush
8 .         Final touches
9 .         Framed and ready!



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